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Automotive Technology

img Todd Wilkinson, Teacher

About The Program

The Automotive Technology Program of Study focuses on careers that will build a knowledge base and technical skills in all aspects of the automotive industry. Skill set standards for Career Preparation Skills, Safety, Leadership Development and Customer and Personal Service have been integrated throughout the Program of Study. Student skills sets will be acquired for Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair in the areas of Automotive Service Consultant, Tire Repair and Replacement, Maintenance Services, Electrical System Diagnosis and Repair, Engine and Engine Performance Diagnosis and Repair, Heating and Air Conditioning Diagnosis and Repair, Brake System Diagnosis and Repair, Suspension and Steering Diagnosis and Repair, and Driveline Diagnosis and Repair. Students will have the opportunity to acquire hours towards industry certification and be exposed to skills to develop positive work ethics.

WVEIS Code Course Title Semester
1631 Automotive Technology MLR-1 Fall (1st Year)
1623 Automotive Technology MLR-2 Fall (1st Year)
1625 Automotive Technology MLR-3 Spring (1st Year)
1637 Automotive Technology MLR-4 Spring (1st Year)
1629 Automotive Technology - AST-1 Fall (2nd Year)
1633 Automotive Technology - AST-2 Fall (2nd Year)
1635 Automotive Technology - AST-3 Spring (2nd Year)
1627 Automotive Technology - AST-4 Spring (2nd Year)