High School Programs

Allied Health Sciences

This one-year program prepares students to work in a variety of health care settings by learning core information applicable to all healthcare careers.


Heather Zuniga, Teacher

Automotive Technology

This two-year course offers the students an opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare them for a career in an automotive field.


Todd Wilkinson, Teacher

Career & Work Skills Training

This one-year program is available only to high school seniors who have successfully completed a one-year program offered by the Center, or are enrolled in the second year of a program.


Donald Sheppard, Teacher


Students will be involved in various projects, which include housing construction, cabinetry, roofing, plumbing, and electrical work throughout the two-year program.


Tom White, Teacher

Coding, App, & Game Design

This new one-year program will provide an introduction to the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in coding, game and app design, web page publishing, computer programming, and software development.


Alan Chapman, Teacher

Collision Repair

A "hands on" shop setting exposes the student to many different types of auto and truck repair to include shop safety, damage estimating, frame repair, auto body repair, and refinishing instruction.


Dana Hager, Teacher

Computer Systems Repair

This one-year program is designed to teach students strategies for troubleshooting and maintaining personal computers.


Alan Chapman, Teacher


This two-year program will focus on the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices required for careers in the field of Cosmetology.


Monica French, Teacher


Christy Shouldis, Teacher


This two-year program is strongly recommended for those pursuing a career in engineering, architecture, design, or a related field.


Kyle Willham, Teacher

Early Childhood Education

Any student considering early childhood and/or elementary education or any of the many areas concerned with the care of children would benefit greatly from this program.


Melissa Layhew, Teacher


Forestry is a two-year program for students interested in working in the wood products industry as loggers, lumber graders, sawmill workers, timber buyers, and wood product careers.


John Fichtner, Teacher

Law & Public Safety

In this day and age, homeland security and criminology are essential to the well-being of our citizens. This one-year program focuses on methods used by public safety leaders to protect a democratic society.


Melissa Wilkinson, Teacher

ProStart Restaurant Management

The two-year program includes training in the business, management, accounting, and food preparation skills necessary to successfully manage a restaurant.


Clarence Canterbury, Teacher


The two-year program gives the successful student entry level skills in the welding field.


Allen Staats, Teacher