Program Details


Coding, App, & Video Game Design

img Alan Chapman, Teacher

About The Program

This new program will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in coding, game and app design, and web publishing, as well as the computer programming and software development industries.

Courses include:

  • Digital Imaging/Multimedia I - Students will learn to produce images using digital cameras, imaging and drawing software. This will include still and animated images as well as manipulating videos.

  • Web Page Publishing - Students will learn various web page development software, including page layouts, adding images and frames, creating elements, components, and tables, managing and publishing files to the Internet. Creating hyperlinks, organizing tasks, and using code, including markup languages will also be covered.

  • Coding, App, and Game Design - Students will design and create games and apps using a variety of design platforms and programming languages, drawing and animation techniques. Students will explore advanced coding and graphic design in order to create 2D and 3D elements.

  • Problem solving and hands-on experiences will help students develop their knowledge and skills which will serve them in the various career options that require technology.