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Career & Work Skills Training (CWST)

img Melissa Wilkinson, Teacher

About The Program

CWST, also known as Co-Op, is for students who have received training in an occupational field and want to enhance through Cooperative Education. Students are employed in a paid or unpaid work experience as part of their educational day during their senior year in high school. Students’ performance will be assessed by their work site supervisor and monitored by the Co-Op Coordinator. In addition, the required online curriculum focuses on a variety of job-seeking and job-keeping skills necessary for success in any career. Students may be employed at a location only after the Co-Op Coordinator has submitted employer names to the Director and the Administrative Council has given approval.

WVEIS Code Course Title Semester
0511 CWST I Fall
0513 CWST Work I Fall
0512 CWST II Spring
0514 CWST Work II Spring